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PHOLC (formerly Lantern Bankeryd) is a design company with a focus on their design and development of lighting. They are a company that cares products and relationships are curiously at the world around us. The starting point for their product is a truly Nordic arty style - a style that contrasts breathe Gotland, Copenhagen and Berlin - where the taut lines of the poetically barren Scandinavian mixed with punk, urban elements.

"The common thread in our product is the intimate feeling that exists in our culture and our basic style that is genuinely Nordic arty. The theme of the collection is the exciting encounter with other cultures. The meeting that occurs reproduced in thoughtful details that make the product stand out and confirm our unique design."

Our cooperation with Pholc is stable, you can feel safe when you buy a lamp with us. If misfortune strikes and a product must be claimed and we will of course fully responsible for it and send a replacement as soon as we can. If you are looking for a lamp from Pholc that we have in our catalog, contact us by email or phone, so we order it home to you!

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