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ISABEL is a Swedish brand of upscale Swedish-made LED lighting. These are very fine lighting products with clean design and sensational energy-saving technology. Design and technology are intertwined in Isabel's products. Creativity, energy spatter and high quality are the three hallmarks of ISABEL since 2005 shines with future light LED. ISABEL's light suit in energy aware homes and public spaces. A ISABEL is more than a traditional lighting. It is a brilliant decoration that gets that little extra in the window or in the room with its clear, beautiful glow and shine! Choose from many different models and brilliant designs! A ISABEL lamp is the perfect gift when you want to give something unique and special.

"Isabel is the name of the beautiful, unique and super energy-efficient lighting design for those who want that little extra, without consuming unnecessary energy. Fine materials with very high quality. Timeless, warm white light that keeps! Swedish made."

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