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Downlights (recessed spotlights) Indoor Lighting

Downlights are recessed spotlights for the ceiling. All recessed spotlights require a safety distance behind the lamp. What safety distance each spot requires is carefully marked on our products.

12V Downlights - 12V Downlights are a big energy saver, it also provides more light per watt than similar 230V lamps. So, more light for your money.

• A few 12V lights are supplied with a light source! The watt of the light source is the maximum allowed for the specific lamp.

• 12V can only dimmered with an Electronic / trailing edge dimmer. • 3,5 and 6 Kit comes with electronic transformer.

230V Downlights - 230V is mounted directly and you do not need a transformer. •Almost all 230V lamps are supplied with a light source! • 230V can be dimmered a standard dimmer (not Recess low energy!).

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