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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans is something that might not be the fairest in the home but could very well be the most important! At the right choice of ceiling fans and placement can be huge benefits on a hot summer day , or for that matter a cold winter day. All our fans are namely reversible , this means that you can set whether fan is pushing down the heat or pull it up.
Of course, our ceiling fans quietly and easily installed . In the selection of ceiling fans can go after this table :
Room Size fan size
Up to 12kvm 76-90cm
> 15kvm 105cm
> 20kvm 112-122cm
> 25-30kvm 130cm
Larger than 30sqm it is recommended that you run more than one ceiling fan.

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Durable roof fans of good quality

When you buy a ceiling fan from us , you get a fan that is solidly built to last for many years . Some ceiling fans starting to sound over time when used , it is because there is a rubber bearing that wears the more the fan is used . Our ceiling fans have a completely different technology that enables them to not wear the same. The fan is powered by a patented system that keeps the fan is significantly longer than standard fans . If you need additional information about our ceiling fans , you can contact customer service. We can arrange up exact measurements , assembly instructions and other information you might need on your purchase of ceiling fans.

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