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A modern crystal chandelier with sparkling prisms gives the ultimate feeling of luxury. At LightShop you will find a large selection of elegant crystal chandeliers in all price ranges, shapes and styles.

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Popular crystal chandeliers in various styles

Crystal chandeliers have had a real boost in recent years, which is not difficult to understand. There are plenty of stylish crystal chandeliers in varying styles and sizes - everything from a traditional and classic crystal chandelier to the more modern variants. In the past, it was a classic style that applied and the price was often very high. But recently, a large number of crystal chandeliers have emerged with both unique designs and a more welcome price. With us you will find cheap crystal chandeliers with good quality.

Hand-ground crystal chandelier of the highest quality

Of course, the classic crystal chandelier remains, but we have broadened our range as much as we can to meet the demand for unique crystal chandeliers. There can be a huge difference in price for some crystal chandeliers that look almost the same. This is because the quality of the prisms can vary greatly. Some prisms are machine-ground and produced in Asia, while others are hand-ground in Sweden. If you want a crystal chandelier that is hand cut and of the highest quality, we recommend Krebs crystal chandeliers.

To clean a crystal chandelier

Don't forget to check out our crystal guide, which gives tips on how to clean and keep your crystal chandelier alive. It doesn't have to be as difficult as you think. The first and most important thing to remember when cleaning a crystal chandelier is to dust it regularly to maintain the shine.

Do you need help choosing a crystal chandelier?

You can contact us if you have questions about a product or need advice in terms of style. We can also help with cord extensions and special adaptations. If you are looking for a special crystal chandelier that we do not have in our range, please contact us. We can get hold of most crystal chandeliers on the market and will be happy to get back to you with a price and delivery notice.

Choose a crystal ceiling if you have low ceilings

Who doesn't want a solid crystal chandelier that takes care of itself and lifts the whole room. But sometimes it can be difficult to get a room with. If you have a low ceiling, a crystal ceiling is the perfect choice. Crystal ceilings sit close to the ceiling and therefore do not take up as much space as a classic crystal chandelier. At the same time, you can still get that luxurious feeling that a crystal chandelier gives. The light from the crystal in the ceiling is beautifully reflected and creates an almost fairy-tale and magical impression.

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