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Konsthantverk has been manufacturing lights for nearly a hundred years. Not installed, but made real. Milled, drilled, molded and surface treated. For several years they ran through its own glassworks in Småland for the manufacture of their chimney. Just as it sounds, it is a lamp from Craft a real craft.

The lights from the craft maintains a very high quality, without their being "insoluble expensive". In other words; available to everyone. While not aiming now to become a giant in the lighting industry, they want everything to have a soul and last.

Our collaboration with Konsthantverk is stable and goes far back in time, you can feel safe when you buy a lamp with us. If misfortune strikes and a product must be claimed and we will of course fully responsible for it and send a replacement as soon as we can. If you are looking for a lamp from Crafts that we have in our catalog, contact us by email or phone, so we order it home to you!

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