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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a must if you want to enjoy your home and garden even after dark. With the right combination of outdoor lighting, you can illuminate your house with fantastic effects that both you and your neighbors will enjoy.
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Econic Hue WACA outdoor wall lamp 35.5x34.5 cm - Black - Philips Hue
Philips Hue

Econic Hue WACA outdoor wall lamp 35.5x34.5 cm, Black

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Extend your home’s spaces with stylish outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is especially suitable here in Sweden due to the long, dark days of the winter half of the year. An outdoor wall lamp by the front door illuminates the entrance, making it extra welcoming for visitors. In recent years, the trend of outdoor lighting has become increasingly clear. Nowadays, almost everyone chooses to have outdoor lighting planned from the start when building new homes, largely due to an increased interest in interior design and the lower energy costs of LED outdoor lighting.

Choosing the right outdoor lighting

When it comes to choosing outdoor lighting, there are often several choices to make. Outdoor LED lighting is a good choice, but it's also good to know that materials and color can mean more than just a matter of taste for some. If you live near the sea, salty winds can wear heavily on the material, making your outdoor lighting more prone to rust. For harsh conditions like these, we recommend outdoor lamps made from galvanized steel or copper. Stainless steel is not rust-proof in most cases when it comes to outdoor lighting. Unless the lamp is relatively expensive, it is generally not truly stainless steel. To preserve the nice surface of your outdoor lighting, you should oil the fixtures a few times a year. Usually, an oil is included at the start that is sufficient to oil your outdoor lighting for the entire first year.

Modern outdoor lighting in many different styles

The style of today's outdoor lighting is relatively varied. You can find most modern fixtures in the usual colors black, white, and anthracite. However, many outdoor lamps in more classic designs are also available in brass and copper. At Lightshop, you can find both modern and classic wall lanterns in timeless materials. We offer a wide range of facade lighting in a variety of colors and designs. We have outdoor lighting from all major brands and can always order home for you if you do not find the lamp in our assortment.

Stylish LED outdoor lamps make the home welcoming

Outdoor lighting not only makes the home more welcoming but well-lit houses with stylish outdoor lamps can also serve a deterrent purpose against burglars. When using outdoor LED lighting, the energy consumption is not as high as it used to be with traditional incandescent or halogen lamps.

Can I connect outdoor lighting with a dusk-to-dawn sensor?

You can advantageously connect a dusk-to-dawn sensor as a great complement to your LED outdoor lighting. This allows you to automatically control, for example, all outdoor wall lighting to turn on when it gets dark and turn off at a certain time. Another option is to connect your outdoor lighting to your smart home, thus allowing the sunrise and sunset to control when the outdoor lamps should be switched off and on.

What requirements exist for outdoor lighting?

The most important thing is to choose lighting that is made for outdoor use. To be used as outdoor lighting, a high IP rating is required, which should be at least IP44.

How do I choose modern outdoor lighting?

Keep in mind that it is usually more stylish and effective to have several lamps with weaker light than a few lamps with strong light. You can also combine your outdoor lighting with bollards and poles in the same series as the wall lamp to achieve a uniform feel.

You can always contact us if you want tips or advice on which outdoor lighting suits you. Having worked with lamps for several decades, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge that we are happy to share. If you are looking for outdoor lighting that we do not have in stock, please contact us. We collaborate with almost all suppliers in the Nordic market and can procure virtually any outdoor lighting you might need.

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