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Explore everything from functional to decorative lighting and discover iconic design lamps from well-known brands. Choose from ceiling lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps to set the right mood and enhance your decor from floor to ceiling.
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Norm 12 lamp - xl - Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen

Norm 12 lamp, xl

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Discover lighting for every room in your home

Lighting plays a crucial role in the atmosphere and style of your home. We offer a carefully selected collection of lamps to illuminate every corner of your dwelling. From practical ceiling lamps in the bedroom to decorative feather lamps and flush mounts, each light source at our store is chosen to enhance and complement your decor style while meeting your lighting needs.

From general lighting to task and ambient lighting

In our assortment, you will find three main types of lighting that together create a functional and pleasant home. General lighting provides a consistent flow of light perfect for everyday tasks, while task lighting like desk lamps and spotlights provides directed light where it's needed most. Ambient lighting, such as decorative fairy lights or elegantly designed table lamps, contributes to a cozy and inviting environment. A combination of these types of lights enhances the room's functionality and aesthetics.

The right number of light sources for each room

Balancing the number of light sources is crucial for creating the right brightness and atmosphere. Fewer light sources may be sufficient in smaller rooms, while larger spaces may require more. A mix of different lamps such as floor lamps, wall lamps, and ceiling pendants at various heights creates a dynamic and well-balanced lighting setup. For optimal function, strategically place the light sources based on the room's usage and activities.

Variety and Design in our lighting range

Our selection ranges from modern ceiling lamps in minimalist design to classic pendants with a retro flair. Colorful designs from brands like Muuto and Audo Copenhagen are available for those seeking a vibrant expression, while timeless black and brass lamps are available for a more traditional taste. Whether you are looking for statement lighting or something more subtle, we have options to suit all decor styles.

Choosing lighting and lamps for your home

Deciding which lighting is right for your home can be challenging. We offer professional advice and support to help you find the perfect lamps that are both practical and stylish. Each lamp in our range comes with clear instructions for installation, information on whether it is dimmable, and which type of light source is recommended.

Our goal is to provide lighting that not only illuminates your home but also creates the mood and style you desire. Browse our selection to discover how the right lighting can transform your home, and do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice. We are here to help you elevate your home to the next level with quality lighting from the best brands.

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