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Bathroom Lighting

With the right lighting in the bathroom, you can create a delightful and welcoming environment to enjoy. The bathroom is an important place in the home where we spend a lot of time. Combine different bathroom lights for effective and practical lighting.
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Over Me ceiling lamp Ø20 cm - Dusty blue - Northern

Over Me ceiling lamp Ø20 cm, Dusty blue

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Plan your bathroom lighting carefully

Bathroom lighting is a critical part of how you experience a bathroom. Therefore, good and thoughtful planning is required to succeed with your bathroom lighting. But the planning isn't just about how your bathroom lights look and how much they illuminate. In most wet areas, there are plenty of walls, floors, and details that easily reflect light from your bathroom lighting. Therefore, it's also important to consider this as a factor in choosing your bathroom lamp. Otherwise, the result can easily be bathroom lighting that dazzles you instead of illuminating and enhancing what you want to highlight. If you have very glossy walls and floors, you should think a little extra about which bathroom lighting you choose. Similarly, you should also consider the colors - muted colors absorb light, and thus require stronger (and perhaps more) bathroom lamps than a bathroom with white walls.

Choose bathroom lighting that provides good general lighting

First and foremost, bathroom lighting requires good general lighting. Many choose recessed spotlights to achieve good dispersion of light flow. But a good ceiling lamp or bathroom light in the ceiling also works perfectly, as such a bathroom fixture generally also has good light dispersion. At least one ceiling lamp in the bathroom is recommended to achieve good general lighting. It might also be a good idea to install a dimmer for your bathroom lights. That way, you can adjust the light of your bathroom lighting as needed. A soft and weak light from your bathroom lights can be very pleasant early in the morning.

Decorative bathroom lamps that don’t reflect

A wall lamp in the bathroom can usually work well as accent lighting to create a cozier feel, but again consider the placement so that no reflections disturb. Another important part when it comes to bathroom lighting is usually mirror lighting. The best option here is often integrated lighting in the mirror. Otherwise, bathroom lamps should be placed at the side of or above the mirror to minimize the risk of reflections. The color temperature is also a crucial part of well-functioning bathroom lighting. To make the skin appear in natural color, your bathroom lamps should have a clear white color temperature of about 3500-4000 Kelvin.

Safe and approved bathroom lamp with the right IP rating

When choosing lighting in a bathroom, safety is important. To install bathroom lighting, you must be qualified to do so. But even the bathroom fixture must be approved for use as a bathroom lamp. This is determined by what is usually called IP rating. A lamp in the bathroom must meet certain requirements for resistance to water and steam as well as dust and contact. All bathroom lighting should have at least IP44 to be used in a wet room. Bathroom lamps placed in or directly adjacent to water should have IP67 or more. If you are the least bit unsure about which bathroom lighting is approved, you should consult your electrician first, as the conditions can vary with each case.

Good bathroom lamps over energy-efficient lamps

While energy-efficient bathroom lighting is important, there are also other aspects to consider when choosing bathroom lamps. Since a bathroom lamp is turned on and off often and rarely is on for long periods, it may be more important to focus primarily on achieving good bathroom lighting. Therefore, low-energy lamps are unsuitable for bathroom environments as most take a while before reaching full strength. LED bathroom lighting can therefore be a good alternative as it is very energy-efficient. If you choose LED for your bathroom lighting, it is important to have good color rendering and to choose a bathroom lamp that provides sufficiently good light. If you need help finding the right lighting for your bathroom, we are more than happy to assist; our lighting designer can provide a free proposal for bathroom lighting that suits your specific bathroom.

We help you choose the right bathroom lamp

At Lightshop, you will find bathroom lighting for all bathrooms and styles. Of course, we only provide well-chosen bathroom lamps that meet the stringent requirements placed on a bathroom lamp. Our bathroom lamps are always IP rated and approved for use in bathrooms. You'll find everything from discreet and stylish bathroom lamps to trendy chandeliers. Should you miss any information or if you want to know more about bathroom lighting, you are always welcome to contact us. We do our best to make sure you are satisfied with your choice of bathroom lamps.

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