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Here you'll find a handpicked selection of lamps that meet all style preferences and needs. From iconic design lamps to innovative LED lamps, our collection offers something for every home. Welcome to explore and find the perfect lamp that reflects your personal style.
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Twisted LED-candle 25 cm 2-pack, White

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How to choose the right type of lamp for each room

Choosing the right lamp is crucial for creating both functionality and comfort in your home. Before deciding on a specific lamp, consider the room's uses and the type of light you need. Do you need directed light for reading or a soft glow for a relaxing atmosphere? Remember that multiple light sources are often required to achieve the best lighting environment, with up to ten lamps in larger rooms.

Choosing lamps for the living room

There are several factors to consider when choosing lamps for the living room. First, the lamps should not obstruct the view, especially if they are placed near a TV. Second, avoid glare by choosing lamps that can be directed away from seating areas. Exposed light sources can be stylish but choose their placement carefully to avoid eye strain.

Reading lamps for comfortable reading

If you enjoy reading on the sofa or in an armchair, a reading lamp is essential. A floor lamp or wall lamp with an adjustable shade is ideal for directing light where it's needed without tiring your eyes.

Lamps for general lighting

For activities like cleaning where you need a good overview, general lighting is necessary. Ceiling fixtures and larger ceiling lamps provide broad light distribution that effectively lights up the entire room.

Creating atmosphere with the right lamps

Diffuse light from lamps made of textile, frosted glass, or natural materials like rattan can soften sharp shadows and create a pleasant atmosphere. Lamps like the Eos with feathers are perfect for giving the room a soft and inviting feel.

Classic design lamps

Investing in a classic design lamp like the Bumling or a PH lamp can be costly, but they offer unbeatable quality and durability. These lamps become a central part of your home and its aesthetics for many years to come.

Lamps and lighting for every type of room

Different rooms require different types of lighting depending on their use. A home office may need task lighting at the desk, while a bedroom may benefit from calming, diffused lighting. For larger spaces like living rooms, multiple light points are recommended to flexibly adjust the light to various activities and moods. Integrate lighting with your furniture arrangement, especially around central points like the sofa in the living room.

Choosing the right lamps for your home is not just a matter of style but also functionality and comfort. Our range of lamps gives you the freedom to create exactly the atmosphere and functionality you want in each room. Explore our various styles and find the perfect lamps to transform your home into a place you love to be.

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