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Discover our range of decorative lighting at Lightshop, designed to create playful and exciting light points in your home. From fairy lights to LED lights, our decorative lights are perfect for livening up dark corners and creating dimension in any room. Whether you want to highlight a bookshelf, light a pathway, or just add a cozy atmosphere, our decorative lighting has the power to transform your space.
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Neon Tube fluorescent 150 cm - Warm white - HAY

Neon Tube fluorescent 150 cm, Warm white

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Explore decorative lighting for playful and stylish light in your home

At Lightshop, we understand the importance of creating the right atmosphere in your home. Our carefully selected collection of decorative lighting offers everything from playful string lights to elegant and stylish lighting solutions that complement any room. Whether you want to brighten up a dark corner, add some color to your decor, or create a warm and inviting atmosphere, our decorative lighting has the power to transform your space.

What is decorative lighting?

Decorative lighting includes various forms of light sources such as string lights, LED lights, and other decorative lamps designed to not only illuminate but also beautify your home. These light sources are perfect for giving a room both a dynamic structure and a sense of comfort. They are excellent for setting the mood and can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or even outdoors to enhance the environment.

Creative and adaptable installation

Our string lights and other decorative lighting are designed for flexibility and easy installation. You can choose to affix your lighting using self-adhesive hooks, staples, suction cups, or traditional methods like screws and nails. To fit your unique decor style, we offer lighting that can be mounted on walls, draped over furniture, or wound around windows and doors.

Popular choices and trends

In our range, you'll find popular brands like Irislights, Star Trading, and Watt & Veke, which all offer high-quality and energy-efficient LED string lights. These string lights come in various colors and shapes, from hand-wound cotton balls to minimalist and modern designs. Our string lights are especially popular for use in children's rooms, where they add both color and imagination, and in living rooms to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

Why choose our decorative lighting?

Our decorative lighting is more than just practical light sources; they are part of your interior design. With the ability to adjust the brightness and color temperature on some models, you can create exactly the ambiance you desire. Whether you are looking for subtle background lighting or a vibrant accent in your home, our decorative lighting offers the flexibility and quality you need.

Discover our entire range at Lightshop and let our decorative lighting inspire new creative heights in your home. Choose from a world of colors and styles to find the perfect match that not only lights up but also enlivens your room in a spectacular way.

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