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Wall lamps are one of the most versatile lamps in the home. With a well-chosen indoor wall lamp, you tie together the decor and create an exciting dynamic in the room. Use several different lamps at varying heights for the best effect.
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Buddy wall lamp - Dark green - Northern

Buddy wall lamp, Dark green

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A wall lamp for every style

The range of wall lamps has grown enormously recently, making it possible today to find suitable lighting regardless of your interior style. A brass wall lamp may not be the first choice for everyone, but it can be very effective and become the detail that really stands out. A black wall lamp can have the same effect and create a nice contrast against the walls. Take the opportunity to experiment with wall lamps to create both accent lighting and general lighting in a stylish way, while allowing wall lamps to become part of the decor.

Wide range of indoor wall lamps

Having trouble choosing which wall lamp you need? It can sometimes be difficult to tell from the picture how wall lamps light up or what effect they give. If you want to know more about a lamp, you can contact us, and we will try to provide more product images or environment images to illustrate what the wall lamp looks like. We can also give you more precise dimensions of mounts and other installation instructions for many of our wall lamps. If you are looking for a special effect or have questions about any wall lamp, you are also welcome to contact us. With our expertise and knowledge, we hope to enrich you with information.

Which wall lamp should I choose?

Wall lamps are a very broad concept. Therefore, we have sorted all our stylish wall lamps into different categories to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. You can find all kinds of wall lamps - everything from wall flush mounts to reading lamps and picture lighting. Sometimes simpler clamp lamps may be the best choice for your wall lamps.

How to install a wall lamp?

The installation instructions for our wall lamps are written on each lamp. Either it is directly connected with a cord directly to the wall lamp, or it includes a cable with a plug. Some of our wall lamps can also be mounted in both ways. Direct mounting means that the wall lamp comes without a cord. Surface or direct mounting means that the lamp comes with a cord, but can also be mounted with direct mounting.

Why should I buy a wall lamp?

While ceiling lamps often provide strong and good light, they don't always need to be on. Many times, it can be advantageous and cozy to just have wall lamps with a lower effect on, to create that relaxed feeling. Many choose to buy a wall lamp for the staircase to light up the stairway in a pleasant and effective way.

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