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A window lamp is one of the most used and beloved lamps in the home. With subdued window lighting, you enhance the coziness in the evening. Here you will find a wide range of both sleek and modern window lamps as well as classic window pendants.
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Rosette mini 3 cluster G4 pendant lamp Ø20 cm - Black - Umage

Rosette mini 3 cluster G4 pendant lamp Ø20 cm, Black

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Wing table lamp 56 cm - Aluminium - Audo Copenhagen
Audo Copenhagen

Wing table lamp 56 cm, Aluminium

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A window lamp that spreads light and warmth

Window lighting or window lamps are among the most common lamps in our homes. A window often looks a bit bare without window lamps, and it can be difficult to choose the right pendant for the window. We have all decorated our windows differently with curtains, flowers, and decorative details. Therefore, we have selected a wide range of window lamps with both neutral options and a variety of classic and modern lamps. With this said, we believe you will find the window lamp you've been searching for in our assortment!

For permanent installations, no ceiling connector is included; instead, there is usually a stylish ceiling mount. If you still want to route the lamp to a ceiling connector, it can easily be done by purchasing a ceiling connector or running an external cable. If there's a long cord with a plug, you can cut the cord yourself and attach a ceiling connector if you have a ceiling outlet where you want to place the lamp.

The right light with the right window lamps

Window lamps can serve multiple purposes. Choose window lamps in metal or dark glass if you want the light directed downwards. If you want the light to spread more in the window, you can choose a window lamp in light glass or where the bulb is visible. If you want the light to spread more, be careful not to use too strong a bulb. It's easy to be dazzled, and the window may become too dominant with too strong lighting. Our window lamps are either delivered with a short cord and ceiling connector or with a long cord and plug. Each window lamp description specifies what the cord looks like for that model. If you've found the lamp you want but need the cord longer or shorter, contact us and we will try to accommodate!

Which window lamp should I choose?

If you want the light to spread out in the room, you can choose a lamp with a glass shade or an open light source. Be sure to choose a light source that can be dimmed or is sufficiently weak to avoid being dazzled. Choose a solid shade, like metal, to get directed light downwards.

Are there window lamps with a base?

The most common are hanging pendants with a smaller diameter, but there are definitely lamps with bases that fit perfectly in the window as well. It's easier if you have a deeper windowsill, so the base of the lamp fits properly.

What colors work best?

Choosing colors is very much about personal preference and taste. Consider the colors, materials, and style of your other decor and try to match with your window lamps for a harmonious whole. Usually, window lamps are used discreetly to create a cozy atmosphere in the room during the evening.

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