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Explore our selection of feather lamps at Lightshop, where unique design meets soothing lighting. These trendy lamps are perfect for creating a dreamlike atmosphere in any room, from bedrooms to living rooms. With their soft feather adornment and warm light, feather lamps create a cozy and inviting environment, whether used as a table lamp, ceiling lamp, or floor lamp.
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Eos lamp shade grey - Large Ø 65 cm - Umage

Eos lamp shade grey, Large Ø 65 cm

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Explore the world of feather lamps at Lightshop

At Lightshop, we offer a wide selection of feather lamps that combine style and functionality to create a unique atmosphere in your home. Feather lamps are known for their soft and subdued light that contributes to a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, making them an excellent choice for both bedrooms and living rooms. These lamps are not just functional light sources; they are also decorative artworks that are equally beautiful whether lit or unlit.

Why choose a feather lamp?

A feather lamp emits a mood-enhancing light that complements other lighting and creates a cozy feeling in the room. The fluffy texture of the feathers, whether white, gray, pink, or another color, enhances both romantic and modern interior styles. Our feather lamps come in a variety of designs and sizes, making them versatile for different applications—from table lamps to floor lamps and ceiling lamps.

Eos - The original among feather lamps

Experience the original feather lamp, Eos, from Umage, designed by Søren Ravn Christensen. Eos is renowned for its iconic design and versatility, available in various sizes and can be used as a table lamp, ceiling lamp, or floor lamp. We also offer Eos Up, a ceiling variant that can be mounted both on the wall and ceiling, for added flexibility in your lighting.

Quality and style in every feather lamp

All our feather lamps are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and a long lifespan. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a richer, more decorative style, you will find the perfect feather lamps to complement your decor and enhance the aesthetics of your home at Lightshop.

Explore our range of feather lamps today at Lightshop and let your home be illuminated by these enchanting creations. Whether it's to light up a dark corner or to give your home an elegant touch, our feather lamps have the power to transform any room they are placed in.

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