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Floor lamps are an important part of varied general lighting in the home. The floor lamp is versatile and fits perfectly both as a reading lamp in the book corner and as complementary ambient lighting.
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Diva floor lamp - Oak - Northern

Diva floor lamp, Oak

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Stylish floor lamps with many possibilities

Floor lamps are incredibly versatile and can serve many different functions. Naturally, we want an appealing floor lamp that fits our decor, but a floor lamp can fulfill many more functions than just being a decorative detail. Therefore, you should start by considering what needs you have. Do you need better general lighting in the room, a higher cozy factor, or better reading light for the reading nook? All these considerations will influence your choice of floor lamp. The choice of floor lamp also partly depends on what other lamps you have in the room. You might not need very strong light and can choose floor lighting more for design and the effect lighting it provides.

Uplight floor lamp as a reading lamp

There are also floor lamps that combine general light and a reading lamp, these are called uplights. The advantage of these floor lamps is that they have two light points; one that is directed towards the ceiling and provides general lighting in the room and another in the reading arm that gives directed lighting that is good for reading. At our store, you can find an affordable floor lamp with good quality that provides both excellent reading light and general lighting.

LED Floor lamp - The smart choice

Like many other types of lighting, floor lamps are also available with LED lighting. LED consumes significantly less electricity than both traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps, while the smart technology ensures that the light source itself does not become burning hot. This makes such a floor lamp very suitable if it will be left on for a long time. But it is also a good choice for those looking for floor lamps with a reading arm. You can keep the lamp on for a long time and you won't have to worry about burning yourself on your floor lamp.

Having trouble choosing among all floor lamps?

The preferred style of floor lamps varies widely. A classic brass floor lamp may be the obvious choice for some, while a modern black floor lamp suits others better. Today, it's possible to find most things to fit your personal interior style. We have been working with lighting since time immemorial (or so it seems) and we are more than happy to help you with your choice of floor lamps! It can sometimes be hard to know the effect a lamp provides from product images, but if you contact us, we can often find more pictures and illustrations of the floor lamp. We can often also provide you with more exact measurements and specifications. Reach out and we can guide you through our floor lamps and point out various benefits depending on the type of lamp you choose. Should you not find what you're looking for among our floor lamps or if you're searching for a special lamp, we will do everything in our power to source the lamp for you!

Which floor lamp should I choose?

Always base your choice on your own needs to select the right floor lamp. Choose a floor lamp with a dark shade or low light intensity to achieve a calm and pleasant general light. If you want to use your floor lamp as a reading lamp, it's a good idea to choose one with a directional reading arm for sharp and clear reading light. Many uplight floor lamps are also dimmable, so you can switch between different lighting environments.

Should I choose an LED floor lamp?

An LED floor lamp is always a good environmental choice that has a very long lifespan. A floor lamp often remains on for long periods, which means you can significantly reduce electricity consumption if you choose LED. LED bulbs also eliminate the risk of burns from the lamp as they do not get as hot as halogen bulbs. In many floor lamps, you can choose to install LED bulbs, while some floor lamps already come with integrated LED lighting.

Are dimmable floor lamps better?

A dimmable floor lamp gives you more options and makes it easier to vary the light based on the situation. You can easily switch from general lighting to a dimmed cozy ambiance that gives a warm impression. If you choose a floor lamp that isn't dimmable, you can still adjust the light by, for example, changing to a stronger or weaker light source. In some cases, you can also change the shade to get more or less light flow.

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