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Outdoor Lighting/Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Bring your dark garden to life with stylish LED garden lighting. Illuminate a beautiful tree, bush, or any other object in the garden that deserves extra attention - night and day.
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Calla Pedestal Extension Ø10.4 cm - Black - Philips Hue
Philips Hue

Calla Pedestal Extension Ø10.4 cm, Black

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Garden Lighting - Simple and convenient

We offer a comprehensive range of garden lighting with high-quality LED light sources that you can assemble exactly as you wish. Our products maintain the highest quality in terms of durability and function. The materials are suitable for outdoor use and each fixture has a high IP rating. Typically, you can control your entire garden lighting system with a single transformer. Since the transformer is 36W, it can power quite a few LED lamps.

A system for all the spotlights in your garden lighting

All spotlights are equipped with two cables with quick connectors. This makes it easier if you need to extend in a loop and eliminates the need to pull new cables from the transformer. You can also choose one of our ready-made sets, where each set requires a separate connection to the electrical outlet (230V).

How do I illuminate a tree or bush?

Lighting a tree or bush is very beautiful and effective. Remember that you also need to be able to move around the garden without being dazzled or bumping into your garden lighting. Avoid directing lights toward windows, walkways, or neighboring properties. Consider using a ground spot that can withstand being stepped on.

What is the best garden lighting?

Garden lighting is at its best when it "breathes." Allow dark areas in the garden so that you have a natural and nice interplay between light and dark. Focus on the parts of the garden you like the most and those parts that need lighting to be safer to navigate, such as the edge of a patio or flower bed.

How do you install garden lighting?

Installing garden lighting doesn’t have to be difficult. Many garden lights can be combined within the same system using extension cords and splitters. As long as the total wattage of the lamps is lower or equal to that of the transformer, a single transformer is sufficient for the entire system.

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