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Westal since the mid 1900s built up a complete lighting industry, with its own product development, and manufacturing from the start marked by originality and quality. A Westal-lantern is unique, whether it is an ordinary standard lamp, so it remains as much craft in the lantern that there is a lamp that is the second exactly like, a built craftsmanship gives uniqueness and secure in your choice.

Our cooperation with Westal has always been stable, you can feel safe when you buy a lamp with us. If misfortune strikes and a product must be claimed and we will of course fully responsible for it and send a replacement as soon as we can. We get deliveries from Wat & wick every week and stocks virtually the entire range. Looking for a lamp from Westal that we have in our catalog, contact us by email or telephone, we will get back to you with price and delivery information, and we order it home to you if you so desire!

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