Avolt is a Swedish brand known for its stylish and functional lighting accessories, including specially designed chargers and power strips that brighten and add style to any home. With a philosophy that everyday items should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, Avolt offers its products in a range of trendy colors and minimalist designs. These lighting accessories from Avolt are perfect for the design-conscious individual looking for practical solutions that also enhance the beauty of the home.
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Square 2 outlet - Stockholm Black - Avolt

Square 2 outlet, Stockholm Black

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Avolt – Swedish design for elegant lighting accessories

Avolt is a Swedish design studio that excels in creating elegant and functional power solutions specifically for lighting needs. With a strong emphasis on sophisticated design, Avolt's products are perfect for both private homes and offices, as well as public spaces where design and aesthetics are of utmost importance.

Modern design with geometric shapes

The inspiration behind Avolt's product design comes from futurist Bruno Munari's trilogy "Square Circle Triangle," which celebrates simple geometric shapes that have shaped humanity throughout design history. This design philosophy is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for modern lighting solutions.

Awards and recognition

In 2019, Avolt was nominated for the Swedish Design Award and also won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for their product Square 1, which is ideal for lighting accessories. The jury praised the product for its "uncompromisingly minimalist use of shapes and sustainability-focused production," making it a standout example of function meets form in home environments.

Avolt at Lightshop

With a passion for modern design and a commitment to combining functionality with elegant aesthetics, Avolt offers innovative lighting accessories that simplify and enhance everyday life. Discover Avolt's range of stylish and practical lighting solutions at Lightshop, where each product is a tribute to both form and function.

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