CableCup is revolutionizing the way we think about lighting installation with its smart and aesthetically pleasing ceiling cups. Exclusively available at Lightshop, CableCup offers a solution that is both practical and designed to seamlessly blend into your home. Their innovative design allows you to easily arrange and conceal cables, providing a neat and tidy finish to every light source. Explore CableCup's range and experience the difference in your lighting.
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CableCup ceiling cup - white - CableCup

CableCup ceiling cup, white

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About CableCup

CableCup is a revolutionary and patented Swedish invention that solves one of the most common everyday problems in the home – how to elegantly hide and organize cables for ceiling lamps. This smart ceiling cup is incredibly easy to use and ensures a tight and neat fit against the ceiling, without gaps or visible cables.

The story of CableCup began when Lars Wettre faced the problem of not being able to get his kitchen lamp to sit neatly against the ceiling in his newly renovated kitchen. Together with his colleague, designer Jonas Forsman, he decided to create a ceiling cup that could be mounted from below. After years of development, CableCup was launched in 2010 and quickly became a global favorite. Since then, CableCup has received several design awards, including the Swedish Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Discover how CableCup can transform your home at Lightshop, where we proudly present this innovative solution that combines functionality with exceptional design. Don't let cables disrupt your interior any longer; choose CableCup for a simple and stylish solution.

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