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Design House Stockholm is known for bringing together the best of Scandinavian design in lighting, with a particular focus on innovation and character. At Lightshop, you will find an exclusive selection of their lighting products, from elegant candle holders to unique lamps that enhance every room with their distinctive Scandinavian aesthetics.
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Luna lamp - small - Design House Stockholm
Design House Stockholm

Luna lamp, small

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Design House Stockholm

Kosmos holder white, small

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Design House Stockholm – Scandinavian lighting with character

Design House Stockholm is a dynamic company known for promoting Scandinavian design, passionate about highlighting innovative ideas through their lighting products. With a carefully curated selection at Lightshop, you can find their unique lighting, such as the famous Block Lamp and the creative Arrow candle holder, which combine functionality with a clean, Nordic design language.

Popular lighting products from Design House Stockholm

  • Table lamps from the Block Lamp series
  • The four-armed Nordic Light candle holder

The company's history and design philosophy

Founded in 1992 by Anders Färdig, Design House Stockholm has launched products that reflect timeless Scandinavian design, with their first product, the Block Lamp, launched in 1997. They continue to develop lighting items that combine aesthetics with functionality and quality.

Collaborations with designers

Design House Stockholm works with a wide range of both established and emerging designers, enabling a fresh flow of new, creative ideas. This openness to innovation has led to iconic products like the Block Lamp, designed by Harri Koskinen, which became a worldwide success thanks to its unique concept and aesthetic value.

Design vision at Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm aims to create everyday items that enrich your daily life through thoughtful design that combines aesthetics and functionality. Their design philosophy is to be timeless yet innovative, clearly demonstrated in products like the Arrow clothes hanger, winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2009, which combines decorative elegance with practical usability.

Materials and sustainability

The materials used in their lighting products are carefully selected to be both beautiful and durable, with a company policy that prioritizes environmental responsibility in production. This ensures that Design House Stockholm not only delivers aesthetics but also contributes to a more sustainable world.

Range of lighting at Lightshop

Discover the extensive range of Design House Stockholm lighting at Lightshop, where you can find everything from elegant floor lamps to innovative table lamps, all contributing to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

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