Elflugan, a Swedish design classic in lighting, began as a quick sketch on a napkin in 1993. This Advent candelabra has become so beloved for its unique design that it has been copied several times. At Lightshop, you can ensure you get the genuine original from 1997, a timeless lighting piece that continues to adorn homes worldwide with its distinctive and charming design.
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Elflugan light, grey

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Elflugan – A modern design classic in lighting

Elflugan is more than just an Advent candelabra; it is a Swedish design classic that has charmed homes since its debut. Originally sketched on a napkin in 1993, Elflugan has evolved into an icon in lighting design, loved for its unique aesthetics and functionality. Available at Lightshop, you can choose between the original size and the larger version, Elflugan Grande.

The story behind Elflugan

The idea for Elflugan was born during a café visit between Marie Lundgren-Carlgren and Kina Strandberg. They wanted to create a modern version of the traditional electric candelabra, resulting in a design that combines practical lighting with a sleek Scandinavian form.

Inspiration and design development

Inspired by nature's own light, the firefly, Elflugan creates a magical atmosphere with its 19 small light bulbs arranged at different heights, giving a vibrant and beautiful light display. The first prototype was made with simple materials like dowels and black spray paint and was designed to maximize light distribution without glare.

Formex Fair and success

Elflugan was first introduced at the Formex Fair in Stockholm in 1997 and quickly became a favorite. From a sketch to a sales success, Elflugan has sold over 100,000 units, proving its lasting popularity.

Models and colors

Elflugan is available in two models: Elflugan Original and Elflugan Grande. These candelabras come in several colors, including anthracite gray, chalk white, coal black, off-white, and light gray, making it easy to match with various interior styles.

Spare parts and maintenance

To ensure your Elflugan continues to shine year after year, Lightshop offers spare parts and extra bulbs. Whether it’s a broken transformer or a bulb replacement, you can easily maintain your candelabra to preserve its beauty and functionality.

Discover Elflugan at Lightshop and let this timeless design classic bring light and style to your home, regardless of the season.

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