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Light Bulbs and Light Sources

To get the most out of your lamp, it is important to choose the right light source. With well-chosen light sources, you get a pleasant glow that gives good color reproduction and does your lamp justice.

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Energy-efficient light sources in LED

LED lamps are energy-efficient light sources manufactured with the latest technology. Our LED lamps provide a pleasant warm white light that is adapted to your home environment. When LED technology first came on the market, it was common to have a blue tone in the light, which caused color reproduction to suffer. Today's LED light sources are much more developed and provide just as good color reproduction as light sources with traditional filament.

Dimmable light sources

The market is dominated by LED light sources due to the superior and low-energy technology, although halogen lamps remain to some extent. A halogen light source is always dimmable, but the same does not apply to an LED light source. Check on the packaging that the light source is dimmable.

Decorative light sources

In the assortment, you will also find light sources that are there to be seen, which you usually don't want in ordinary cases. Such a light source is called a decorative lamp and is used in open luminaires where the light source plays an important role in the overall impression. Lanterns are another example of a light source that is more decorative. Lantern bulbs fit well in outdoor fixtures where the light source is visible.

Are you looking for a special light source that we do not have in the range? You can contact us and we will get back to you with a price and delivery notice.

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