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Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen lamps are light sources that, unlike ordinary light bulbs, contain halogen gas. A halogen lamp lights up immediately and has a high output, while the service life is longer compared to ordinary light bulbs.

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Dimmable halogen lamp with clear light

A halogen lamp has more efficient energy consumption compared to a traditional light bulb, which makes it a smarter climate choice. The light from a halogen lamp is sharp and provides a good color rendering that is clearer than the light from a traditional light bulb.

Halogen lamps with many possibilities

The technology in halogen lamps makes it possible to dim the lamp, which is not always the case with a modern LED lamp. In other words, a halogen lamp is always dimmable. Halogen lamps have been gradually replaced by LEDs precisely because LED technology has developed strongly in recent years. But in some cases it is difficult to compete with a halogen lamp. Especially when it comes to light sources of a smaller variety, it is difficult to fit the new LED technology.

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