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LED Light Bulbs

Remember that LED bulbs might look the same, but it can be a big difference in brightness and longevity. Our LED bulbs are of the highest quality and has the most advanced technology available in the market right now.

Color temperature of light:
Warm yellow is often used when one is looking for decorative lighting.
Warm white is the most common color temperature and used as general lighting in both spotlights and standard lamps. 2700-2900K has a little yellow light, 3000-3200K has a no yellow light and gives more of a clean white light.
White light is used in basements, warehouses and stores.

Color rendering ( halogen and GLS has 100 color palette):
80 out of 100 is the most common of LED lights, it is cheaper to produce and works when you do not have such high demands on the light.
90 of 100 is more like regular bulbs but costs more to produce and is therefore also a bit more expensive to buy.
95 of 100 is barely on the market since 90 of the 100 is adequate in most cases.

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