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Special Light Bulbs

A classic light bulb consists of a filament that lights up and gives off a beautiful and pleasant glow, hence the name light bulb. Light bulbs basically fit in all types of fixtures as long as they are in the right socket.

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Dimmable light bulbs

The filament makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the light in a very wide range, which makes it very versatile. All bulbs are dimmable as long as you have a dimmer connected to the lamp. A dimmable light bulb gives you the freedom to fully adjust the strength as needed. But there are also disadvantages to classic light bulbs. Energy consumption is generally much higher for light bulbs than with more modern halogen or LED light sources. A traditional light bulb therefore gets relatively hot, which is not always so suitable if the light source is in a place where there is a risk of bumping into it and burning you.

How important is the lamp?

There are many cheap light bulbs on the market today, but a cheap light bulb is not always a good one. It can sometimes be worth spending a few extra kroner to buy high-quality light bulbs online. We usually don't think much about it, but concentrate more on the fixture itself, i.e. the table lamp or window lamp that holds the bulb. Regardless of whether you are looking for a light source for a ceiling lamp or a wall lamp, the light source plays a central role in the glow and light you will get. Of course, the shape and appearance of the lamp is important for how you will perceive the general lighting, but it is after all the light bulbs that make the big decision on what type of lighting you will get.

The right bulb for the right lighting

Buying the right light bulb is essential. Good light bulbs are important for controlling the light in the home, which makes it important for the overall impression and general decor of a room. A cold and white light creates a sterile hospital feeling that doesn't feel so inviting, while the white light from a light bulb is the perfect choice for reading lighting. A yellower glow, on the other hand, creates a warm and cozy feeling that feels welcoming and cozy. It is therefore the light bulb that sets the tone for which function or feeling you want to achieve. Some of our biggest light bulb suppliers Star Trading and Unison have their own tables and descriptions to help you find the right color and strength of your light bulbs depending on your needs.

Strength and socket of light bulbs

An E27 light bulb with a large socket is the most common type of light bulb found in the majority of all lamps in the Swedish home. Small screw socket E14 is also a commonly used size, especially in window lamps and table lamps. There are of course many other types of light bulb sockets as well, but these two are the most common. When we instead look at how bright a light bulb shines, just a few years ago it was easy to understand. But modern light bulbs in LED can sometimes be more difficult to get a hold of because it is no longer possible to start from the wattage to understand how bright the light bulb shines. Watt is actually a measure of how much energy is consumed and says nothing about the strength of the lighting you get. Therefore, in recent times, people have started to switch to using the lumen as a fairer measure of the strength of light bulbs.

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