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Wall lamps outdoor

Create an inviting outdoor environment with effective facade lighting. A facade lamp provides a soft and welcoming glow that guides you and your friends in the right direction in the dark. In combination with the right light source, you get a magical result.

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Stylish facade lighting that fulfills the right function

Of course we want to find stylish and perfect outdoor lighting, but start at the other end. The first thing you should think about is which function you want to access. Do you want your facade lights to light up once or do they want a better general light for the garden? Think through what you want to achieve with your facade lighting.

More facade lamps provide more pleasant light

A lamp is better than nothing, but it's also a shame to think too small. As a rule, the effect is always better if you target several facade lamps with a more subdued light, than a single lamp with bright light. You not only get a more pleasant light, but also a more symmetrical and well-thought-out impression of your facade lighting.

Connect motion detector and twilight relay to facade lighting

When planning your facade lighting, it may be wise to think about how your lighting should be controlled. Today, there are many smart lights that can be turned on and off automatically according to a schedule relatively easily, but you don't have to be so advanced. It is perfectly fine to instead connect a dusk relay that takes care of it for you (depending on how bright it is outside). You can also connect a motion detector to facade lighting if you don't need to have the lights on all the time.

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