Belid, a Swedish brand known for its high-quality lighting, has been producing lamps with a focus on traditional craftsmanship and Scandinavian design quality since 1969. At Lightshop, you can explore a wide range of Belid's lighting products, including elegant ceiling lights, stylish floor lamps, and practical flush mounts. Each lamp from Belid is crafted with precision and care, designed to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.
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Tyson right wall lamp 16.2 cm - White - Belid

Tyson right wall lamp 16.2 cm, White

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Belid – Swedish master craftsmanship in lighting since 1969

Founded in 1969 in Varberg, Belid has grown to become one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the Nordics, known for its solid craftsmanship and strong passion for light design. The brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create top-quality lamps for both homes and public spaces.

Belid lamps – synonymous with quality and design

From the first sketch to the finished product, quality and design are the guiding principles in Belid's manufacturing process. At Lightshop, you will find a range of products, from elegant flush mounts to stylish ceiling lights and pendants, whose design not only illuminates but also enhances the rooms they are placed in.

Swedish-made lamps from Varberg

All lighting from Belid is manufactured in Sweden, at their own factory in Varberg. This ensures the highest quality and allows for close collaboration throughout the production process.

Design vision at Belid

Belid aims to convey the value of a good lighting experience and develop the market's best lamps. Through thoughtful design, added value is created in the home, contributing to a cozy and welcoming feeling.

Craftsmanship and materials in focus

Belid is a master in metalworking, a skill that has been central since its inception. This expertise is clearly visible in products like the Da Vinci ceiling light, which with its metal shades creates both beautiful and functional lighting.

Innovative product development

Belid is dedicated to designing energy-efficient lamps. By continuously collaborating with designers and utilizing the company's extensive experience, innovative lighting solutions are created that are both beautiful and functional.

Color and materials

Belid's lamps stand out with a neutral color palette that perfectly complements Scandinavian homes. Materials such as metal, glass, and brass are used to create details that catch the eye and enrich every room.

Popular lamps from Belid

  • Cato – a versatile series offering everything from wall lamps to table lamps.
  • Gloria – sophisticated and elegant lighting for any room.
  • Diablo – known for its unique design language and versatility.
  • Picasso – artistic lighting that makes any room special.

At Lightshop, you can explore and purchase these and many other lamps from Belid to create the perfect lighting in your home.

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