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In collaboration with internationally recognized designers, New Works creates lighting that combines Scandinavian craftsmanship tradition with a modern design language. At Lightshop, you can explore a wide selection of elegant lamp series from Danish New Works, each designed to add a distinctive expression and atmosphere to your home. Discover how these lamps not only illuminate your space but also serve as stylish interior details.
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Lantern pendant lamp small - Frosted white opal glass - New Works
New Works

Lantern pendant lamp small, Frosted white opal glass

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Material pendant lamp - Dark grey concrete - New Works
New Works

Material pendant lamp, Dark grey concrete

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Lighting solutions from New Works: World-class danish design

Deeply rooted in Danish design tradition, New Works has established itself as a pioneering force in lighting design since its inception in 2015. This Danish brand skillfully combines both tradition and innovation to create unique lighting products that not only illuminate spaces but also enrich them with a deeper aesthetic sense.

Tailored lighting for every room and style

New Works strives to produce lamps that are not only functional but also shape the atmosphere of a room. With a product catalog that includes everything from elegant pendant lights to versatile table and floor lamps, New Works offers a solution for every room and style preference. Each product series – Kizu, Material, Lantern, and Karl-Johan – is crafted with care and a strong sense of material and form.

  • The Kizu series stands out with its marble bases and lampshades that appear to balance on the base, creating an illusion of floating light.
  • The Material series focuses on lampshades in various materials, giving consumers the freedom to choose a design that best complements their interior.
  • The Lantern series provides soft and inviting light inspired by traditional Asian rice paper lanterns, perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • The Karl-Johan series draws inspiration from nature with its mushroom-shaped design, bringing a natural and soft feel to the room.

Focus on sustainability and craftsmanship

Each lamp from New Works is the result of dedicated craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable design. The brand has a strong environmental policy and continuously works to minimize its environmental impact. Through careful material selection and a design process that respects both nature and contemporary demands, New Works delivers not only lighting but also an environmental conscience.

This balance between beauty and function makes New Works an ideal choice for the conscious consumer who values both design and sustainability. Whether for the home or the office, New Works offers lighting that transforms ordinary environments into extraordinary spaces with a touch of Danish design.

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