Superliving offers colorful and retro-inspired lighting that brings a unique and vibrant atmosphere to your home. At Lightshop, you will find their charming lamps, from playful table lamps to elegant ceiling lamps, all designed to create both ambiance and style. Discover Superliving and transform your spaces with their distinctive and eye-catching lighting solutions.
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Dynamo lamp small - black - Superliving

Dynamo lamp small, black

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Inspired by the colors and shapes of the 1950s and 1960s, Superliving produces Danish design in the form of lighting, porcelain, and interior details. The products are playful, colorful, and full of joy.

Superliving Lighting at Lightshop

Founded by Anette Stabel and Jesper Binger in 2009, Superliving offers a unique collection of lighting products that combine retro inspiration with modern functionality. At Lightshop, you will find a vibrant selection of Superliving lamps, from playful table lamps to elegant ceiling lamps, all designed to create both ambiance and style in your home.

Superliving's lamps are characterized by organic shapes and vibrant colors inspired by 1950s and 1960s design. These lighting products are not only functional light sources but also eye-catching design elements that enhance every room. Each lamp is carefully crafted to ensure high quality and a long lifespan, while contributing to a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

By collaborating with small producers, Superliving can easily introduce new collections and patterns, ensuring their range is constantly updated with exciting new products. This flexibility allows Superliving to ensure good working conditions and maintain high quality in their products.

Explore our range of Superliving lighting at Lightshop and let their playful and colorful lamps transform your home. With Superliving, you not only get a light source but also a design element that exudes joy and creativity. Create a unique and vibrant environment with lighting from Superliving.

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