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The Danish brand &Tradition is known for its future-proof design classics, and their lighting collection is no exception. In the assortment at Lightshop, you will find elegant and functional lamps from &Tradition that not only illuminate your home but also add an aesthetic presence. These lamps are designed to integrate beauty and functionality, creating an irresistible atmosphere in any room.
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Montera JH42 table lamp - Amber-ruby - &Tradition

Montera JH42 table lamp, Amber-ruby

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&Tradition's extensive range of modern design classics in Lighting

The renowned Danish brand &Tradition combines old and new to create timeless design classics specifically for the modern home's lighting needs. Their collection of lamps, from wall lights to floor lamps, is iconic and crafted to enhance and function practically in all types of rooms.

With a strong connection to Denmark's rich design history and respect for traditional craftsmanship, &Tradition has not only reproduced historical masterpieces but also collaborated with contemporary designers to create future classics in lighting. Their lamps are a creative fusion of quality and aesthetics that create a special atmosphere in every home.

Famous lamps from &Tradition

&Tradition is best known for its elegant lamps that add both style and function to your home. Among their timeless assortment, you'll find the groundbreaking Flowerpot by Verner Panton, a design icon that reflects the spirit of the Flower Power movement with its playful colors and geometric shapes. Additionally, they offer a range of other lamps that are equally innovative and stylish, perfect for elevating any room.

Each lamp from &Tradition embodies the company's commitment to sustainable design and traditional craftsmanship. These lamps are not just light sources but also works of art that enrich your interior and contribute to creating memorable moments in every corner of your home.

Materials used in &Tradition's lamps

&Tradition's lamps are made from various high-quality materials, such as mouth-blown glass, which gives each product a unique expression with its small air bubbles and variation in form. This attention to detail ensures that every lamp is not only functional but also an aesthetic asset to your home.

Care instructions for your &Tradition lamps

To maintain the beauty and functionality of your &Tradition lamps, regular cleaning with a soft, dry cloth is recommended. This simple care routine helps preserve the aesthetic and functional qualities of the lamps over time.

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