Explore Umage at Lightshop – where sophisticated designer lamps reflect Scandinavian minimalism and sustainability. Each lamp from Umage combines high-quality materials with a thoughtful commitment to the environment, creating lighting that is not only beautiful to look at but also kind to our planet.
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Rosette mini 3 cluster G4 pendant lamp Ø20 cm - Black - Umage

Rosette mini 3 cluster G4 pendant lamp Ø20 cm, Black

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Discover Umage – Pioneers in scandinavian lighting design

Umage, formerly known as Vita Copenhagen, was established in 2008 in Copenhagen and has since dedicated itself to spreading Scandinavian design aesthetics through its exclusive lamps worldwide. With a strong environmental consciousness in mind, Umage aims to combine sustainable production with innovative design. Their solution? Lamps delivered in flat packages, revolutionizing the industry by reducing transport volumes, shipping costs, and environmental impact.

Umage’s lamps are packaged in flat, elegant gift boxes that are not only practical but also significantly reduce the environmental footprint. This efficient packaging method allows for lower prices, thereby broadening access to luxurious lighting for home decorators worldwide. In the range, you will find signature lamps such as Eos, with its characteristic feather covering, the futuristic and sleek Asteria, the nature-inspired Acorn, and the geometrically appealing Silvia.

The design of Umage’s lamps highlights the best of Scandinavian minimalism, with clean lines and high functionality. These lamps are known for their craftsmanship and aesthetics, and they are often available without fixtures to give customers the freedom to use them as ceiling, table, or floor lamps. This flexibility in use, combined with their aesthetic and sustainable manufacturing process, has made Umage a leading player on the international design scene.

Umage continues to strive for innovation in design and sustainability, making their lighting solutions a perfect choice for the environmentally conscious consumer who does not want to compromise on style. Discover Umage’s range at Lightshop and let their brilliant ideas illuminate your home.

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