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Discover Watt & Veke at Lightshop – a pioneer in Swedish lighting design. With a unique sense of current trends, Watt & Veke creates lamps that transform every corner of your home into a radiant and stylish environment. Explore their acclaimed range and let your home shine with elegance and quality.
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Aino Slim christmas star white - 44 cm - Watt & Veke
Watt & Veke

Aino Slim christmas star white, 44 cm

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Lola lamp shade 33 cm - cream (white) - Watt & Veke
Watt & Veke

Lola lamp shade 33 cm, cream (white)

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Explore Watt & Veke's lighting expertise

Founded in 1998 in Sweden, Watt & Veke is a lighting giant known for its broad range of products that extend from ceiling lights to wall lamps, adding an atmospheric touch to every corner of your home. Each lamp from Watt & Veke is not just a light source but a mood enhancer that makes your home radiantly beautiful.

Transform your home with Watt & Veke lighting

Light has the power to change the feel of a room, and Watt & Veke understands this like few others. Whether your home reflects a traditional style or embraces the latest in design, there is a lamp from Watt & Veke designed just for you. Their lamps are created to provide a cozy and harmonious light that fits your daily lifestyle.

Watt & Veke’s design philosophy

Watt & Veke's goal is to continuously offer trendy and design-oriented lighting solutions that combine aesthetics with high light quality. They are dedicated to creating magical lighting for your home by merging innovative design with functionality.

Seasonal lighting from Watt & Veke

During the darker months, lighting becomes even more important, and Watt & Veke’s Christmas lighting is especially beloved for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their Christmas range includes handcrafted stars and other holiday-related lamps perfect for enhancing the festive mood.

Popular christmas stars from Watt & Veke

  1. Christmas Star Snöblomma – a favorite that brightens with its unique design.
  2. Christmas Star Oslo – for those who prefer a more minimalist style.
  3. Christmas Star Eldig – a bold and illuminating addition to holiday decor.

Creative collaborations

Watt & Veke continually expands its range through collaborations with prominent designers like Hanna Wessman, whose modern creations have gained recognition for their style and innovation. These collaborations result in unique collections like Spoon and Box, offering everything from floor lamps to ceiling lights.

Lighting tips for your home

A common mistake in many homes is the lack of adequate lighting, which can make rooms feel smaller and less welcoming. A good rule of thumb is to have between 5–10 light sources per room, depending on its size and function, to create the right balance and atmosphere.

Customize your lighting with Watt & Veke accessories

For those looking to refresh their existing light sources, Watt & Veke offers an extensive range of accessories such as lampshades and cords with switches. This makes it easy to personalize and update your home in a cost-effective way.

Discover Watt & Veke’s extensive range at Lightshop and let your home shine with both style and functionality.

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