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An advent candle holder is a staple Christmas decoration in Swedish homes. Here you will find both classic and modern candle holders that spread a cozy glow in the winter darkness.
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A classic advent candlestick in the home

Advent candlesticks are one of the most classic Christmas decorations in our homes and have long looked more or less the same. However, the range of advent candlesticks has begun to increase, and the variety in their appearance has grown significantly. Of course, we still have classic and traditional advent candlesticks in white and red, with five or seven candles, but don't forget to check out our newest and modern candlesticks now available in LED. Or why not take the opportunity to find an advent candlestick on SALE!

Find the right candlestick for christmas

Historically, an advent candlestick consists of four live candles that start being lit at the first Advent. The tradition originally came from Germany and became increasingly common in Swedish homes at the beginning of the 20th century. The first candle is lit on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (first Advent). Thereafter, the next candle is also lit on the second Advent and so on, all the way to Christmas. In this way, the classic step-like formation of candles is formed. According to tradition, it is also common to decorate the advent candlestick with reindeer or window lichen. The candles on an advent candlestick burn quite quickly, so if you want to enjoy the candlestick for a longer period, it may be a good idea to replace the traditional paraffin candles and instead make an advent candlestick with block candles, which have a significantly longer burn time. Then you also get a stable advent candlestick that is not as flammable. According to the classic way, white candles should be used, but this can obviously be varied endlessly. An advent candlestick in black can be very decorative and create a nice contrast to the often very white and bright interior style here in Sweden.

Electric candlesticks in a multitude of colors and shapes

Unlike the classic candlestick with live candles, modern electric advent candlesticks typically consist of seven candles. Here too, there are now numerous variations in appearance and color. You can find everything from a bright red color to an advent candlestick in a gray color scale or completely neutral white. Usually, the number of candles differs between a traditional and an electric advent candlestick. Seven candles are normal, but five candles also occur among the latter. Typically, electric advent candlesticks are seen in a pyramid formation, although this too has started to change recently. The variations have become almost endless when it comes to advent candlesticks, especially since LED technology has taken hold. In addition to the obvious energy-saving function of LED technology, the small LED chips have also enabled the design of advent candlesticks that were not previously conceivable.

Modern advent candlesticks that match your interior style

Today, advent candlesticks are usually made of wood, plastic, or in some cases brass. In recent years, clear interior design trends have also found their way among Christmas lighting. Of course, this also applies to advent candlesticks. Brass has long been a classic in Christmas lighting, which has regained popularity. An advent candlestick in a retro brass style works perfectly if you want to keep up with the trends! As many know, there are now so many more Christmas decorations than just advent candlesticks. Therefore, many choose to complement their advent candlestick with Christmas stars and window lamps that match the same tone and style. As interest in interior design has significantly increased in Swedish homes, it has naturally also become important to find stylish advent candlesticks that match the rest of the home.

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