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Advent stars have long had a place in the window in Swedish homes. With a warm and cozy glow, a Christmas star lights up and provides a lovely Christmas feeling both indoors and outdoors.
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Aino Slim christmas star white - 44 cm - Watt & Veke
Watt & Veke

Aino Slim christmas star white, 44 cm

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Decorate with a hanging advent star

A lot has changed with Christmas decorations and interior design since the Advent star was introduced. Today, the selection is virtually endless with variations in color, shape, and material. The classic choice, in terms of material, is a Christmas star in brass. The most common, however, is a hanging Advent star made of white or red paper. It has also become increasingly common with Advent stars on stands that we decoratively place in, for example, the window or on a dresser. Lightshop offers a wide range of both table stars and window stars in a multitude of variations from some of the most established brands such as Star Trading, Konstsmide, and Watt & Veke.

A modern christmas star in the window

In addition to the large variation of colors, more modern versions have also made their way into homes. It is no longer unusual to see a Christmas star made of metal, wood, or glass. With the continued development of LED lighting, new doors have opened for Christmas stars and, of course, Christmas lighting in general. Since LEDs do not generate the same heat, it is now possible to make smaller and slimmer versions of, for example, paper stars, which would otherwise pose a fire risk.

Over time, Advent stars have become more than just Christmas decorations. In many homes, Christmas decorating starts earlier each year. It's not uncommon for stores to start promoting and displaying their Christmas range of Advent stars by the end of September. There are also clear trends within Christmas lighting, which makes it easier to combine your Advent star with, for example, Advent candlesticks and string lights in a unified style.

Classic paper advent stars

Whether you choose a classic hanging white Advent star made of paper or a standing Christmas star for the window, it's guaranteed to be a Christmas decoration that enhances the festive atmosphere. It can, of course, be difficult to find a favorite among the many, so don't be afraid to combine different varieties of modern Christmas stars with the more traditional ones. Even an older style can fit very well with modern decor. In our assortment, you'll find Advent stars in most styles and at both great prices and quality. Hopefully, you will be able to use them for many years to come. So make sure to arrange an extra atmospheric Christmas with a beautiful Advent star from us at Lightshop.

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