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Lampshades are an important part of your decor. Upgrade your current lighting with a new and stylish lampshade for your beautiful table lamp or floor lamp.
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Norm 12 lamp - xl - Normann Copenhagen
Normann Copenhagen

Norm 12 lamp, xl

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Buy lampshades online

Purchasing a new lampshade online is a simple and cost-effective way to refresh your old lamps and breathe new life into them. Lampshades are not only crucial for the aesthetic expression in decor but also influence the light from your table lamps and floor lamps. A darker lampshade makes the light from the lamp more subdued, thereby creating a cozier atmosphere in the room. Conversely, a light or white lampshade can produce a brighter light that provides more general illumination, especially if the fabric is thinner and allows more light through. Therefore, it's important to consider the overall effect when you're updating your lampshades. With various light sources, lampshades can create both dramatic effects and shadows as well as softer general lighting in the room. Think about the type of light you want and what you want a new lampshade to add.

Modern lampshades for table lamps

Lampshades come in many appearances and shapes. They can enhance the overall impression of your table lamps and give them that extra something. Even though the light emitted from the lamp is obviously important, lampshades also act as a significant decorative element even when the lamp is off. Often, it's not the lamp base but rather the lampshade that makes the big difference. Therefore, it's easy to update your table lamps by just buying inexpensive lampshades. It doesn't have to be expensive to succeed! If you want to update with the latest, velvet lampshades are a modern choice that often stands out. HAY, Umage and By Rydéns are some of our suppliers that offer a wide and varied selection of stylish lampshades.

Changing a lampshade is simple

While choosing a new lampshade might be difficult, actually changing the shade is usually much easier. Many older lampshades often have a clip-on attachment, where the clip sits directly on the lamp. The clip-on attachment is also common on smaller lampshades. One thing to keep in mind with lampshades that have a clip-on attachment is that the size of the lamp or light source must fit the clip. Otherwise, changing the shade is straightforward. The other option is a ring mount lampshade, where the lampshade is screwed onto the lamp base. Ring mounts are usually used for larger lampshades, which makes the shade more stable. Remember to check the height of the lampshade to ensure it covers the entire light source.

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