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Eos - the handmade feather lamp

Eos is the beautiful and stylish feather lamp designed by Søren Ravn Christensen for Umage (VITA), which probably has not avoided anyone who has an interest in design. With its unique design, Eos really stands out in the crowd.

Eos lamp shade is available in three different colors - white, light gray and light brown and in six different sizes. The largest shade, the Eos XXL has a diameter of 110 cm and really fills up any room. The range goes all the way down to the smallest version of Eos micro, which with its 22 cm fits perfectly as a neat and luxurious small table lamp. The different sizes of the feather shade also make it possible to combine it into different types of lamps, such as ceiling, wall lamp, floor lamp and table lamp.

Handmade from natural materials

The colors themselves are soft, neutral and with their warm glow Eos creates that dreamlike and harmonious feeling wherever you place it. Maybe that's why Eos Medium is one of the most popular lamps in home decor right now. The lampshade is hand made from thin paper and natural goose feathers. These are not picked from live geese but are a by-product of the food industry. In addition, it is easy to clean from dust with a simple hair dryer.

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