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Lamp Shades

Lampshades are an important part of the interior. Upgrade your current lighting with a new and stylish lamp shade for your beautiful table lamp or floor lamp.

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Buy lampshades online

Buying new lampshades online is an easy and cheap way to liven up your old, boring lamps and give them new life. Lampshades are not only important for the aesthetic expression of the interior, but also affect the glow from your table lamps and floor lamps. A darker lamp shade means that the light from the lamp becomes duller and thus creates a cozier feeling in the room. A light or white lampshade can instead create a brighter glow that provides a greater general light, especially if the fabric is thinner and lets more light through. Therefore, it is important to think about the whole when updating the look of your lampshades. With several different light points, lampshades can create both dramatic effects and shadows as well as a softer general lighting in the room. Think about what light you want and what you want a new lampshade to add.

Modern lamp shade for table lamps

Lampshades come in many looks and shapes. They can lift the overall impression of your table lamps and give them that little something extra. Although the light emitted from the lamp is obviously important, lampshades also serve as an important interior detail even when the lamp is off. Often it is not the lamp base but the lamp shade that makes the big difference. Therefore, it is easy to update your table lamps by only buying lampshades cheaply. It doesn't have to cost a lot to succeed! If you want to update yourself with the latest, velvet lampshades are a modern choice that often stand out in the crowd. Or why not a Gynning Lampshade designed by Carolina Gynning. PR Home and By Rydéns are some of our suppliers who have a large and wide selection of stylish lampshades.

Changing the lampshade is easy

Although the choices about buying a new lamp shade can be difficult, it is usually much easier to actually change the shade. Many older lampshades usually have a claw attachment, where the claw sits directly on the lamp. The claw mount is also common on smaller lampshades. What you have to keep in mind with lampshades that have a claw attachment is that the size of the lamp or light source must fit the claw. Otherwise, it is very easy to change the screen. The other option is a lampshade with a ring attachment, where the lampshade is instead screwed into the lamp base. Ring mounts are usually used for larger lamp shades, which means that the shade sits more stably. Remember to check the height of the lampshade so that the entire light source is covered.

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