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Bathroom Lighting

One of the largest range of bathroom lighting! Would you look for a special bathroom light that you will not find in our catalog, we can always order it for you. Contact us for price and delivery information.

Our bathroom lights are always IP-rated and approved for use in bathrooms. IP class describes how resistant lamp is a water / dust. The higher the IP rating the safer lamp. The rule required IP44 when it is near the shower, otherwise it is fine with IP21.

Although it is important to have energy-efficient lighting, so the bathroom is a little different. Because it is very switched on / off and rarely lit more than an hour a day so it is important to have good lighting. It is therefore inappropriate with CFLs when most take a while before they reach full strength. If you should have LED lighting so it is important that there is good color and good enough light.

IP65 - Just above the dryer.
IP44 - 0,6 m from duschuvud.
IP21 - 0,6 m outside the bath or shower tray.

Remember that it is always the electrician who is responsible for the installation, hear why your electrician what IP you need.

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