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Flush Mounts & Semi-Flush Mounts

Flush Mounts is simply a ceiling light that is mounted on the ceiling, unlike a pendant suspended. For a long time, Flush Mounts have generally been very boring and bleached, and have more or less been designed with the same style and design. But in recent years this has happened very much on that front. A Flush Mount today is not at all the same old boring and necessary ceiling light as it used to be. Both design and technology have changed a lot, which means that today a Flush Mount can be found for most styles and flavors. Whether you prefer a neutral ceiling lamp or if you want a decorative Flush Mount, it is possible to find something that fits. In addition to the fact that the design itself has changed and improved with regard to Flush Mounts, in many cases the technical side has also improved. An ordinary variant is an LED Flush Mount with either integrated LED or with light sources in LED. Common to the two is that energy consumption has been reduced with a better and smarter technology, which also does not make the lamp in a Flush Mounts so hot. Integrated LED is not so much in height, which makes the Flush Mount in LED the obvious choice if you, for example, have cabinet doors in the kitchen that go very close to the ceiling. We recommend using dimmer for Flush Mounts, to get as much of the lamp as possible. Then you can choose how bright light you want depending on the occasion. However, it is important to check that a Flush Mount is dimmable. Each Flush Mount has information on how it is set up and if it is dimmable.

When it comes to the style and appearance of a Flush Mount, there are many exciting variants to choose from. Why not choose a Markslöjd Flush Mount suitable for most homes. A nice but simple black Flush Mount usually also works for most people. At us at you will find everything from trendy and designed Flush Mounts to a cheap Flush Mount that really only fills its function. As with many other things, it is important to think of both form and function. But the best advice is usually to start by thinking about the function of your Flush Mounts. Then you can start thinking about the aesthetic.

If you are unsure of which Flush Mount you want and want more information or taste advice, contact us for personal service. We have sold Flush Mounts since the beginning of the 1990s and have great knowledge of what is best suited for the particular place you intend to illuminate. Although we have a large assortment of Flush Mounts, there is always something you do not have in the range. If you are looking for a special Flush Mount that you cannot find here, please contact us and we will get back to you with a price and delivery message. You can also contact us if you need more info on a Flush Mount, dimensions or assembly instructions. All our Flush Mounts are CE-marked and approved for Scandinavian use.

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