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Downlights (recessed spotlights) Indoor Lighting

With downlights in the ceiling, you get discreet and flexible indoor lighting that gives you the opportunity to point-light objects, while the recessed spotlights give the room a hard-to-beat general lighting.

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Indoor downlights provide freedom of choice and good general lighting

Downlights are another name for recessed spotlights that are mounted in the ceiling. A big advantage of recessed spotlights is that they can be used with advantage to achieve a discreet and efficient general light that fits in most rooms, especially if you have a low ceiling height and there is no room for lamps in the ceiling. Most downlights in LED are also dimmable, which makes it easy to adapt the light to the situation. Aim your recessed spotlights at a beautiful painting or wall to get a more exciting light environment and dynamics in the home.

Installation of recessed spotlights

The advantages of downlights are many, but when it comes to the installation itself, it is important to think carefully and always seek the help of a qualified electrician to guarantee a safe installation. Recessed spotlights require a safety distance of approximately 10 cm behind the spotlight itself in the recessed part of the ceiling. All our recessed spotlights in this category are easily connected to the mains directly with 220V current.

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