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Table Lamps

With the right table lamps, you can create an exciting and pleasant home. A table lamp can function as both mood-enhancing cozy lighting and targeted point lighting that gives life to your most loved interior details.

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Stylish table lamps bring the living room to life

At, we have collected most of the best when it comes to finding a perfect table lamp for you and your home. By filtering your way through our large assortment, you will easily find the favorites that suit you best. Perhaps a brass table lamp or why not design table lamps with clean lines and pastel colors?

How do you know which table lamp to get?

The color and style are of course important so that it fits in with the rest of the decor, but start by thinking about what you will use the table lamp for. Do you want to use table lamps as spot lighting, general lighting or cozy lighting? There are of course table lamps that meet all requirements, but it is still something you should consider when making your choice.

A table lamp can influence the mood of a room enormously.

Therefore, it is usually a good idea to test yourself by temporarily taking lamps from another room and placing them in the room that does not have table lamps. When the ceiling light is off and only the table lamp is on, you will notice the difference. Place several table lamps at different heights to create a dynamic lighting environment. For example, try a tall table lamp on a low bench and a smaller table lamp in a window in the room.

Table lamp that fits in the window

When you are looking for table lamps to place in the window, however, you need to consider that the screen cannot be too large to fit on the windowsill. Choose a darker screen for a more muted cozy lighting and table lamps with directional light to illuminate something you particularly like. Desk lamps can actually work great as a table lamp when you want to create a directional light.

Modern table lamps that suit your decor

Colors and trends come and go. Generally speaking, pastel colors have become increasingly popular when it comes to lighting, but the color trend for table lamps in particular is often a bit more conservative. A classic white table lamp still holds up and is a safe bet that fits most styles and decor in the home. At the same time, a gold table lamp can be the finishing touch, which becomes the accent needed to lift the decor. Of course, there are also table lamps in all possible price levels - it all depends on your budget, style and requirements. A successful strategy is usually to select a few lamps or table lamps that are a little more luxurious and that really attract the eye. Then you can combine these with slightly simpler and cheaper models. For example, try looking for a table lamp on sale during our clearance sale. The result is usually as good as it gets - a bit like mixing old and new in your interior design style.

Are you looking for a special table lamp that we don't have in the range? We work with most brands in the Nordics and can usually order home almost any lamp. Contact customer service and we will get back to you with delivery time and price. Good luck with your search for the perfect table lamp!

Where does a table lamp fit?

The advantage of table lamps is that they can be varied infinitely. Depending on the look and shape, table lamps can fit equally well on a desk, a bench or in a window. Try your hand at placing table lamps at different heights and angles. There is no right or wrong!

Is an LED table lamp better than halogen?

LED is energy efficient and doesn't get nearly as hot, which minimizes the risk of burning yourself on the table lamp. The quality of the actual light from the table lamp depends entirely on the type of light source you choose (regardless of whether it is LED or halogen). But overall, the quality of LED is now very good.

Can I use a table lamp as a reading lamp?

Absolutely! Feel free to invest in a table lamp that can be directed, for example a desk lamp. If you are going to read for longer periods of time, you should also consider choosing a light source with a slightly cooler/whiter glow that is gentler on the eyes.

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