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Discover our range of chandeliers & ceiling crowns and make your lighting a grand focal point in your home. Each chandelier in our selection is not only a source of light but also an impressive interior detail that can transform a room and elevate the atmosphere to a whole new level. Choose from various styles in our extensive range from classic elegance to modern design.
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Leonard chandelier - brass - Audo Copenhagen
Audo Copenhagen

Leonard chandelier, brass

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Experience luxury and style with our chandeliers & ceiling crowns

Our chandeliers and ceiling crowns are designed to be much more than just light sources; they are majestic decorative details that define a room. With a ceiling crown from our selection, you can create an impressive statement in your home. At Lightshop, we are proud to offer an extensive range of ceiling crowns in various styles and materials – from classic brass and glass to modern acrylic and wood.

Ceiling crowns suitable for all environments

Our ceiling crowns are perfect for all types of rooms and decors. They are particularly suitable for spacious environments such as dining rooms, living rooms, or a welcoming entryway. These lighting solutions range from eye-catching to subtle, allowing you to choose a ceiling crown that reflects your personal style or adds a contrasting accent to your home.

Chandeliers that define and enhance any room

A well-placed chandelier can define and elevate the mood in any room. Our chandeliers are ideal for creating a welcoming and delightful ambiance, especially over the dining table where they serve not only as lighting but also as a piece of art. Our range includes everything from large chandeliers that can dominate a room to smaller models that offer a subtle touch of elegance.

At Lightshop, you'll find both large and small chandeliers suitable for various spaces and needs. Whether you're looking for something traditional or something more avant-garde like the Paper Chandelier L Patchwork from Moooi, we have the perfect chandelier for you. Each chandelier and ceiling crown in our range is carefully selected to give your home that extra something, both in terms of light and as a central decorative detail.

Let a chandelier or ceiling crown from our exclusive range become the crowning jewel of your home and create the atmosphere and style you dream of. Explore our collections and find the perfect crown that will illuminate and refine your space in an unparalleled way.

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