Create exciting and dynamic lighting with surface-mounted ceiling spotlights. Spotlights are ideally used both as general lighting and directed spot lighting to illuminate, for example, a beautiful wall or painting.
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Fugato ceiling lamp single spot Ø14.3 cm - White - Philips Hue
Philips Hue

Fugato ceiling lamp single spot Ø14.3 cm, White

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Effective lighting with spotlights

Using spotlight fixtures in the ceiling has become very popular, as they offer great flexibility and numerous lighting options. Often, the lamp head can be rotated, allowing you to illuminate the decor you like most in your home. This way, you can create an exciting room where you choose which parts to highlight in the decor. The interplay of light and shadows is what brings a room to life. With a spotlight, it's easy to experiment with this and make a room very welcoming.

Spotlight installation

When looking for surface-mounted spotlights for the living room, kitchen, or hallway, there are a few things to know. Our spotlights are either mounted on a ceiling hook or screwed into the ceiling. Each product description specifies how it should be mounted. For hook-mounted models, you hang your spotlight on a hook and push the included ceiling connector into the ceiling outlet. For a permanent installation, you screw the spotlight into the ceiling and connect it with a cord directly to the lamp. In many cases, you can remove the existing ceiling outlet you have and use the same screws to mount the lamp in the ceiling box. Contact us at Lightshop if you need help or advice!

Ceiling track spotlights

There are many variations and types of spotlights. The most common and simplest option is a fixed fixture mounted in the ceiling hook, but a flexible alternative is track spotlights. A track system gives you greater ability to rotate and move the spotlights, making it easier to direct the light to selected areas of the room. Another option is recessed spotlights, also known as downlights. This type of spotlight also provides very good general lighting but is not as easy to install.

LED ceiling spotlights

We recommend using LED bulbs for spotlights to achieve powerful directed light in an energy-efficient way. Since spotlights often consist of multiple light sources, it would get very hot with halogen bulbs, unlike with LEDs. Nowadays, there are also many excellent dimmable LED spotlights available. Unsure about which type of spotlight you need? Or what the installation looks like? We have been selling spotlights for over 30 years and we dare say that we are experts in spotlights. You can contact us if you have any questions or requests, we promise to help you and provide our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are surface-mounted spotlights?

Surface-mounted spotlights are a very flexible type of lighting that can be used both as general lighting and as accent lighting for, for example, paintings and walls. Unlike recessed spotlights, surface-mounted spotlights are mounted just like a regular ceiling lamp. Combined with a dimmer, you can also vary the strength of the accent lighting as needed.

Should I choose LED or halogen spotlights?

Generally, the quality of LEDs is so good that there is no reason to choose halogen. Spotlights with halogen consume much more energy than LED spotlights and also get very hot. Therefore, the lifespan of LED spotlights is significantly longer. The downside of LEDs is that it can be harder to dim them to low levels.

What models of ceiling spotlights are there?

Ceiling spotlights are a type of ceiling lamp suitable for all types of homes and styles. The idea with spotlights is that you can easily direct the light where you want it, thus achieving both a wide spread of light and the ability to illuminate selected parts of the home. There are many ready-made models with spotlights on a track or spotlight medallions where the spots are grouped together. In addition, there are many variants with individual spotlights that can be connected to your ceiling outlet.

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