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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an important part of varied general lighting in the home. The floor lamp is versatile and fits perfectly both as a reading lamp for the book corner and as supplementary cozy lighting.

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Stylish floor lamps with many possibilities

Floor lamps are very versatile and can fulfill many different functions. Of course, we want an attractive floor lamp that fits into the interior, but a floor lamp can fulfill so many more functions than just being an interior detail. Therefore, you should start by thinking about what need there is. Do you need better general lighting in the room, a higher coziness factor or a better reading light for the reading corner? All of this affects your choice of floor lamp. The choice of floor lamp also depends to some extent on what kind of lamps you have in the room in general. You may not need such bright light, but can choose floor lighting more according to design and what the lamp provides for effect lighting.

Uplight floor lamp as a reading lamp

There are also floor lamps that combine general light and reading lamp, these are called uplights. The advantage of these floor lamps is that they have two light points; one that is directed towards the ceiling and provides general lighting in the room and another in the reading arm that provides directional lighting that is good for reading light. With us you can find an inexpensive floor lamp with good quality that provides both good reading light and general lighting.

Floor lamp in LED - the smart choice

As with many other types of lighting, there are also floor lamps with LED lighting. LED has a clearly lower electricity consumption than both traditional light bulbs and halogen lamps, while the smart technology means that the light source itself does not become scorching hot. This means that such a floor lamp is very suitable if it will be left on for a long time. But it will also be a good choice for those who are looking for floor lamps with a reading arm. You can keep the lamp on for a long time and you won't burn yourself on your floor lamp.

Difficult to choose from all the floor lamps?

Which style of floor lamp you prefer is of course very mixed. A classic floor lamp in brass may be the obvious choice for some, while a modern floor lamp in black is more suitable for others. Today, it is possible to find most things that fit into your own personal interior design style. We have worked with lighting since time immemorial (at least it feels that way) and we are happy to help you with the choice of floor lamps! It can sometimes be difficult to know what effect a lamp gives based on the product images, but if you contact us, we can often look up more images and illustrations of the floor lamp. We can often also provide you with more precise measurements and specifications. Get in touch and we can guide you among our floor lamps and point out the various advantages you get depending on which kind of lamp you choose. Should you still not find what you are looking for among our floor lamps or if you are looking for a special lamp, we will do everything in our power to fix the lamp for you!

Which floor lamp should I choose?

Always start from your own needs to be able to choose the right floor lamp. Choose a floor lamp with a dark shade or low brightness to get a calm and pleasant general light. If you want to use your floor lamp as a reading lamp, it is good to choose one that has an adjustable reading arm to get good and sharp reading light. Many uplight floor lamps are also dimmable, so you can switch between different light environments yourself.

Should I choose an LED floor lamp?

Floor lamp LED is always a good environmental choice that has a very long lifespan. A floor lamp is often lit for long periods of time, which means that you can keep electricity consumption down properly if you choose LED. LED lamps also remove the risk of you accidentally burning yourself on the lamp because it does not get as hot as halogen. In many floor lamps, you can choose to insert LED lamps yourself, while some floor lamps already have integrated LED lighting.

Are dimmable floor lamps better?

A dimmable floor lamp gives you more options and makes it easier to vary the light depending on the situation. You can easily switch from general lighting to a dimmed cozy atmosphere that gives a warm impression. If you choose a floor lamp that cannot be dimmed, you can still adjust the light by, for example, changing to a stronger or weaker light source. In some cases, you can also replace the screen to get more or less light flow.

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