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Wall Lamps for Indoor Lighting

Wall lamps are one of the most versatile lamps in the home. With a well-chosen indoor wall lamp, you tie the decor together and create an exciting dynamic in the room. Feel free to use several different lamps at varying heights for the best effect.

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Versatile wall lamps in the living room and hall

As with many other things, it is important to find a good mix between wall lamps and other lighting. Combine different types of lighting to add color to the surroundings and create an interesting environment. Wall lamps can work perfectly to highlight and focus on a favorite object or a detail in your living room - or why not a beautifully lit wallpaper or background wall in your hall? Wall lamps are very versatile due to the fact that they are available in so many different designs, which means that wall lamps also have very different properties and character depending on where and how they are placed.

A wall lamp for all styles

The range of wall lamps has grown enormously recently, which means that today you can find suitable lighting regardless of your interior style. A brass wall lamp may not be the first choice for everyone, but it can be very effective and become that detail that really stands out. Even a wall lamp in black can have the same effect and create a nice contrast against walls. Take the opportunity to experiment with wall lamps to create both effect lighting and general lighting in a stylish way, while you can let wall lamps become part of the decor.

Large selection of wall lamps indoors

Do you have difficulty choosing which wall lamp you should have or need? It can sometimes be difficult to see in the picture how wall lamps shine or what effect they produce. If you want to know more about a lamp, you can contact us, and we will try to produce more product images or environmental images to illustrate what the wall lamp looks like. We can also give you more precise measurements of brackets and other installation instructions for many of our wall lights. Are you looking for a special wall lamp that we do not have in the range? We can order home most wall lamps as we work with most suppliers in the Nordics. Contact us for price and delivery notification. If you are looking for a special effect or have requests/questions about a wall lamp, you are also welcome to contact us. With our expertise and knowledge, we hope to enrich you with knowledge.

Which wall lamp should I choose?

Wall lamps are a very broad term. We have therefore sorted all our stylish wall lamps into different categories so that you can more easily find what you are looking for. You can find all kinds of wall lights - everything from wall sconces to reading lights and picture lights. Sometimes simpler clip lights may be the best choice for your wall lights.

How to install a wall lamp?

How to install our wall lamps is printed on each lamp. Either it is directly connected with a cord directly to the wall lamp or a cable with plug is included. Some of our wall lamps can also be mounted in both ways. Direct mounting means that the wall lamp is delivered without a cord. External or direct mounting means that the lamp is supplied with a cord, but can also be mounted with direct mounting.

Why should I buy a wall lamp?

The ceiling lamp usually provides a strong and good light, but it does not always have to be lit. It can often be beneficial and cozy to only have wall lamps with a slightly lower power on, to create that relaxed feeling. Many choose to buy a wall lamp for the stairs in order to lead and illuminate the staircase in a pleasant and effective way.

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