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Window Pendants

A window lamp is one of the most used and popular lamps in the home. With dimmed window lighting, you increase the cozy factor in the evening. Here you will find a wide range of stylish and modern window lamps as well as classic window pendants.

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A window lamp that spreads light and warmth

Window lighting or window lamps are one of our most common lamps in the home. It usually looks a bit bare in a window without window lights, while it can be difficult to choose the right pendant to have in the window. We have all decorated our windows differently with curtains, flowers and interior details. We have therefore selected a large range of window lamps with both neutral options but also a lot of classic and modern lamps. Having said this, we believe that you will find the window lamp you were looking for in our range!

In the case of fixed installation, there is no ceiling connector included, but it is usually a neat ceiling bracket instead. If you still want to connect the lamp to a ceiling socket, this can easily be fixed by buying a ceiling socket or running an external cable. In the case of a long cord with a plug, you can cut the cord yourself and insert a ceiling plug if you have a ceiling socket where you want to put the lamp.

The right light with the right window lamps

Window lights can work for several different purposes. Choose window lamps in metal or dark glass if you want the light to be directed downwards. If you want the light to spread more in the window, you can choose a light glass window lamp or where the light bulb is visible. If you want the light to spread more, remember not to have a bulb that is too strong. It is easy to be dazzled and the window takes up too much space with too strong lighting. If you want help with your choice of window lights, you can contact our lighting designer. He helps you choose the right window lamp and also goes through the advantages and disadvantages of our lamps. Our window lights are delivered either with a short cord and ceiling plug, or with a long cord and plug. It says on each window light how the cord looks on that particular one. If you have found the lamp you want but want the cord longer or shorter, contact us and we will try to solve it!

Which window lamp should I choose?

If you want the light to spread out into the room, you can choose a lamp with a glass shade or with an open light source. Consider choosing a light source that can be dimmed or is dim enough to avoid being dazzled. Choose a solid screen in, for example, metal to get a directed light downwards.

Are there window lights on feet?

The most common is to use hanging pendants with a smaller diameter, but there are definitely lamps on feet that fit perfectly in the window as well. It helps if you have a greater depth on the windowsill, so that the base of the lamp fits properly.

Which colors suit best?

Color choice is very much a matter of personal preference and taste. Think through the colors, materials and style of your other furnishings and try to match them with your window lamps for a harmonious whole. Most often, window lamps are used discreetly to create a cozy feeling in the room in the evening.

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