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Ceiling Lamps

Are you looking for a high quality ceiling light at a good price? At you will find a wide range of stylish ceiling lamps from some of the most well-known brands such as By Rydéns, Markslöjd, Pholc and Konstsmide. With many years of experience in the lighting business, we have with great care hand-picked ceiling lamps made with solid craftsmanship and best quality.

The ceiling light is often a central point and interior detail in the home. Therefore, it may be worth considering carefully your choice of, for example, ceiling light in bedrooms as well as in other parts of the home. A hanging ceiling lamp in the living room can with the right touch and style lift the interior of the room and create the wow factor we want. The interior interest has for many years become more and more widespread in the Swedish home - not least in the central parts of the house or the apartment where we spend as most time. The choice of ceiling lamp then plays a big role for not only the aesthetic, but of course also the function. We often choose hanging ceiling lamps over the kitchen table for that very reason; It becomes a decorative element that attracts attention while a hanging ceiling light gives a more directional light and lighting over the table. Usually one or two ceiling lamps are combined with a general lighting in the form of, for example, recessed spotlights, in order to adapt the light to the need for the moment. This is becoming increasingly important as the boundary between kitchen and living room becomes more and more blurred. Having separate ceiling lamps that complement the general lighting is thus even more important.

Kitchen and living room are, as mentioned, large seating areas that we should think of a little extra when it comes to choosing a ceiling light, but in families with children, a lot of time is spent in the children's room. Children are creative people who need ceiling lights with a very varied light that should work in many different situations. So think carefully when choosing a ceiling light for children's rooms. If you have small children then it can sometimes be very lively games, which means that you may rather prefer cheap ceiling lamps with the risk that it may break. At the same time, it is important to consider choosing ceiling lights that are safe for the children's room. Check for CE marking and preferably choose LED, to avoid the risk of the children burning on the lamp.

Modern or classic ceiling light

The variety and range of ceiling lamps is almost endless. Our range ranges from the modern ceiling light in stylish and sober forms to the classic retro style pendulum. If you prefer designed ceiling lamps in colorful pastel colors, you will not be disappointed either. From brands such as Muuto and MENU you can easily find a modern ceiling light in one of the popular pastel colors with a soft and clean design. You will also find stylish ceiling lamps in other trendy materials at Choosing a black ceiling light has become more common in recent times, but even a brass ceiling light has become a favorite for many. Chromium is also a popular choice that works in most Swedish homes.

All choices of materials, style, shape and price range can make it difficult to choose from the range. Choosing a ceiling lamp in the hall can often be a bit difficult because it must not hang too much or take too much focus. Then it is perfect to choose one of our stylish ceiling lights. There are a variety of different types of ceiling lamps that fit different good depending on the purpose. We are happy to give you advice and information for your choice of ceiling lighting. Are there any special ceiling lamps you are looking for? Do not hesitate to ask us, and we will help you find the right ceiling light for your particular needs. You can also take part of our collection of inspirational material, containing tips and advice on ceiling lamps and lighting in L Magazine.

All ceiling lamps have information about how it is set up (ceiling hook or screwed) and whether it is dimmable or not.

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