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Ceiling Pendants

A hanging ceiling pendant is the perfect eye-catcher that fits perfectly over the dining table. Pendant lamps are both decorative and effective as general lighting. Find a ceiling pendant that lifts your decor and gives your home personality.

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Choosing a ceiling pendant for the living room

Many ceiling pendants are designed to provide a downward light, which is very suitable over dining and coffee tables. A kitchen lamp is also a very central part of the home that is noticed. Since you usually want the same style for wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps, this is your chance to take the turns and break the pattern when it comes to choosing a kitchen lamp that fits! If you have an extra high ceiling, we can help extend the cable at a very low cost.

Which kitchen lamp should I choose?

When choosing a ceiling pendant, it is important to first find out what function you want it to fulfill. A kitchen lamp, for example, can both function as general lighting or as a directional light source, while naturally becoming an important decorative element in your home.

Should I choose a ceiling pendant with dimmer?

When choosing a living room lamp or kitchen lamp, it may also be an idea to consider the possibility of dimming the ceiling pendant. Both the kitchen and living room are central parts of the home where you spend a lot of time and may also want to be able to regulate the light according to mood, mood and occasion. Most ceiling pendants can be dimmed freely, but the light source itself can cause this in some cases. Most light sources are also dimmable, but LED lamps and low-energy lamps can sometimes be non-dimmable.

What is a ceiling pendant?

A ceiling pendant is the most common type of lamp in the home. Ceiling pendants are, in short, hanging ceiling lights, unlike plafonds, which are mounted directly on the ceiling. The ceiling pendant is an important part of the interior. A luxurious ceiling pendant that takes care of itself makes a big difference in a room. It can often be wise to fit a dimmer to be able to easily adjust the light according to the situation.

Which lamp should I have in my ceiling pendant?

In addition to the purely aesthetic, the choice of light source for the ceiling pendant is important to get the right atmosphere in a room. A white and cold light easily gives a sterile and rigid feeling, while a yellower glow gives a warm and cozy feeling. Think about the function and feel you want in the room. White light is good for reading. Warm light instead increases the sense of coziness.

Can I have a ceiling pendant above the dining table?

Yes, of course it is delicious to have a substantial ceiling pendant over the dining table that really takes care of itself! But remember that the lamp should also provide a good light down towards the table. Feel free to combine with a dimmer for best function. Then you can easily switch from a good everyday light to a dimmed cozy dinner atmosphere. Remember to place the ceiling pendant at the right height so that you can easily see each other, but without being dazzled because it hangs too high.

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