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Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a savior in times of need on a hot summer's day, while it helps you efficiently spread the heat in the room during winter. At LightShop you will find a wide range of ceiling fans for all rooms and styles.

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A modern ceiling fan that can be used in summer and winter

With the right choice of ceiling fan and location, the benefit can be enormous on a hot summer day or, for that matter, on a cold winter day. All our ceiling fans are reversible, this means that you can set whether the fan should push the heat down or pull it up. Of course, our ceiling fans are quiet and easy to install.

What size ceiling fan should I have?

We recommend a fan size of 76-105 cm for rooms up to 15 m². For rooms up to 30 m², you need a fan that is at least 112-130 cm. For rooms/spaces larger than 30 m², it is recommended to install several ceiling fans.

Durable ceiling fans of good quality

When you buy a ceiling fan from us, you get a fan that is solidly manufactured to last for many years. Ceiling fans of lower quality often start to make noise over time when they are used, which is because a rubber layer in the ceiling fan wears out after a period of use. Our ceiling fans have a completely different technology that means they don't wear out in the same way. Because the fan is operated with a patented system, the fan lasts significantly longer than standard fans. If you need additional information about our ceiling fans, you can contact customer service. We can prepare exact measurements, assembly instructions and other information that you may need when purchasing a ceiling fan.

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