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Tiffany Lamps

The story behind Tiffany Lamps: Fine cut pieces of glass of different colors are soldered together into a beautiful mosaic of color and form. It was Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York in the 1890s created the unique style that now bears his name. He would have preferred to create a lamp that passed the new and unfamiliar harsh electric light. Tiffany’s ideas quickly became popular. Today, Tiffany lamp is a classic, with a unique warm and pleasing light.

In our Tiffany collection, we have carefully preserved the unique style. The collection consists of classic as well as models of a more modern. The glass is still retrieved from Tiffany’s native United States. Every piece is cut out by hand and is wound with a copper foil around the edges and then brazed in a fine pattern. As the first American lamps, representing every Tiffany lamp from Nostalgia unique craftsmanship.

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